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The Academic Financial Trading Platform (AFTP) has a two-prong objective: (1) Offer massively open online business courses by faculty from the world's top business schools to a broad community of students, researchers, and practitioners around the world completely for FREE; and (2) Deliver, for the first time, fully automated and transparent quantitative stock market prediction techniques (models) and trading strategies, developed at the world's top research centers, to the average investor. It also provides step-by-step guidelines on how to implement the model-recommended trades on major online brokerages thereby enabling users to make intelligent investment decisions by themselves in order to achieve their investment goals, without having to pay expensive management fees. Finally, it provides access to an all-star cast of financial experts from industry and academia that developed these aforementioned models, along with a friendly and collaborative online atmosphere that allows users to easily engage with one another - to seek financial advice or simply to meet and mingle with like-minded investors sharing similar goals. We describe the main features of AFTP below.

Enroll in FREE ONLINE Business Courses Taught by Professors at the World's Top Business Schools

The only massively open online course (MOOC) platform dedicated to the online delivery of a full undergraduate and graduate level business curriculum from the world's top business schools

  • Upon successful completion of course and passing of examinations
  • Certificates will be signed by your professor, indicating successful completion of course
  • Certificates can be forwarded to prospective employers upon request
Learn About the Latest Stock Market Prediction Techniques

There are a wide variety of stock market prediction techniques developed at top universities that perform well at predicting returns for various classes of financial assets over different investment horizons.

  • Techniques are provided with in-depth explanations of how they works in easy-to-understand, layman's terms, for complete transparency
  • Learn about their predictive power over the last several decades
  • Identify models that best match your investment objectives and preferences
Backtest Models
  • Evaluate the performance of each model in (2) over different historical sample periods
  • Compare the performance of different models and learn about their strengths and weaknesses
  • Compare the performance of the models with top investment houses in the US
  • Save your backtest results and comments on your Investment Profile and obtain insights from other users
Place Trades Based on the Latest Stock Market Prediction Techniques on Your Online Brokerage
  • Use your preferred model(s) from (2) to obtain future forecasts of returns and choose the appropriate trading strategy to follow
  • Track and compare the performance of chosen models in real-time, with automatic daily updates, on your Investment Profile
  • Obtain step-by-step guidelines on how to implement the model-recommended trades on major online brokerages on your own
Interact Directly with Leading Financial Experts from Academia and Industry
  • Learn what the experts have to say about the current health of the economy and global financial markets
  • Obtain advice from and ask questions to professors from top US universities who have developed the stock market prediction techniques in (2)
  • Network with prominent industry experts and gain further insights to complement your learning
Build Your Investment Profile and Financial Social Network
  • Answer a few simple questions regarding your investment preferences in order to help us guide you to the right choice of model in your investment decision-making
  • Receive personalized information about academic knowledge relevant to your investment objectives
  • Invite your friends, classmates, and professors to join your social network; share your acquired knowledge and mirror their portfolios in real time